If a priest preaches over ten minutes, he is long-winded.
If his sermon is short, he didn't prepare it.
If the parish funds re high, he's a businessman.
If he mentions money, he's money mad.
If he visits parishioners, he's nosy.
If he doesn't, he's snobbish.
If he has fairs, bazaars, he's bleeding the people.
If he doesn't there's no life in the parish.
If he takes time in confession to help and advise sinners, he takes too long.
If he doesn't, he doesn't care.
If he celebrates the Liturgy in a quiet voice, he's a bore.
If he puts feeling into it, he's an actor.
If he starts Mass on time, his watch is fast.
If he starts late, he's holding up the people.
If he decorates the church, he is wasting money.
If he doesn't, he's letting it get run down.
If he's young, he's not experienced.
if he's old, he ought to retire.
If he dies, there was nobody like him and there will never be this equal again!!!
St. Monica Church, NYC

Fr. Gerald: July 2017 - Present

Rev. Francis de la Cruz: September 2010 - July 2017

Rev. Bart Van Roijen: July 2007 - September 2010

Father Andrew Walner: July 9, 2006 - July 8, 2007

Fr. John Kellogg: December, 2004 - July, 2006

Fr. Frank Gan: July, 2003 - December, 2004

Fr. Rick Paulin: 1997 - July, 2003

Fr. Fred Sogz: Interim Pastor, 2000

Fr. Jim Lynch: 1988 - 1997 (In Loving Memory)

Fr. Martin Volk: Retired but always on call.

Fr. Joe Smith: April 1984 - 1988

Fr. Harry Clarke: September 1980 - June 1981

Fr. Jim Ratcliffe: August 1980 - 1988

Fr. Ken Farrel: July 1979 to August 1980

Fr. John Doherty: Assistant from September 1977 to August 1980

Fr. Francis (Bud) Godderis:

Fr. Charles Mulvihill: October 15, 1969 - July 1979

Fr. Gese Henye and Fr. Gregory Schneider: June-August 1969

Fr. E. F. Martin: October 1959 - September 1969 (In Loving Memory)